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Now under the management of the mxo community members!
Visit our Discord to chat and send ideas for songs, bumpers and others.

Direct link: https://stream.radiofreezion.net:8061/listen.mp3
Listen in-game:
/radio addfave RFZ|https://stream.radiofreezion.net:8061/listen.mp3
/macro RFZ /radio play https://stream.radiofreezion.net:8061/listen.mp3

Send your requests, ideas & suggestions, and chat with us on Radio Free Zion Discord server!

While staying with us there, please avoid spam and nsfw content, and remain most excellent to each other.

All times are Pacific Standard Time.
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Time (PST)
AU05 - August 05, 1999
04:00PM - 06:00PM DJ Hund Pre-recorded Set | House music
AU12 - August 12, 1999
04:00PM - 06:00PM DJ Hund Pre-recorded Set | House music
AU19 - August 19, 1999
04:00PM - 06:00PM DJ Hund Pre-recorded Set | House music
AU26 - August 26, 1999
04:00PM - 06:00PM DJ Hund Pre-recorded Set | House music

MR03-22 - RFZ sets up its Mega City headquarters at the borders of Richland, Apollyon, in Hydrahead Apts area.
NV27-21 - DJ Hund (also known as Nic Der Hund) joins the team to stream house music every Saturday.
OC07-21 - DJ D'ni (also known as Zero Senki) joins the team to stream jungle music every Saturday.
SP20-21 - Website has been slightly restructured. Schedule table and digital clock have been added.
SP18-21 - Radio Free Zion has been moved to a new domain. The new adress is now https://radiofreezion.net
SP14-21 - RFZ management has been released into the hands of the community. Radio gets a dedicated server.
AG18-21 - A beautiful render made by Traxada has been added to the RFZ website header.
AG16-21 - Vesuveus has published "The Matrix Online Revisited - Episode 4" hosting DJ Fire.
AG12-21 - Original RFZ website has been recovered and adjusted by Calaeus.
AG08-21 - Monthly MxOEmu party organized by Calaeus takes place
Party on MxOEmu with resurrected RFZ!

JL23-21 - Radio Free Zion has been brough back. First RFZ 2.0 broadcast takes place.

Created as an homage to the cult Matrix Online radio from 2004, Radio Free Zion offers you countless songs from and inspired by The Matrix, broadcasting 24/7. On the program: big beat, trip hop, industrial metal, nu metal, techno, rap metal, and more! Go back to the 90's.

Jack in. Crank it up!

The radio has now became a community project, broadcasting 24/7, being hosted on a good dedicated server with proper management tools for DJs, which help with playlist automation and other tasks. You will now encounter a nice welcome message upon connecting to the radio. It's only a start, as there will be more of this kind of content on RFZ.

RFZ is now set up on dedicated server, currently maintained by Ninten and Calaeus, with support from Vader and other members of the community, and now running 24/7. After releasing RFZ management to the community, the new approach and direction is quite different. We want RFZ to be more interactive, with more community involvement in its growth and evolution.

The plan is to also introduce new auditory content such as:
  • Podcasts
  • Live discussions
  • Immersive fake ads
  • Org related themes
  • ...and more
We are counting on the involvement from members of mxo community to help us achieve this and much more!

Disclaimer: RFZ claims no ownership over any of the presented sound tracks, sound effects, or voice audio. It is in the hands of their respective producers.

We want to give big thanks to people responsible for creating and maintaining the original RFZ station. They created truly memorable place for people playing the game live.

Don't forget to visit mxoemu discord